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Glassfibre reinforced concrete

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Glassfibre reinforced concrete

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Through design and production, we assist architects, contractors, and builders in creating unique, durable, and beautiful facades & architectural details.

With over 40 years of experience and specialization in glassfibre-reinforced concrete, we manufacture durable, lightweight, and moldable facade cladding of the highest quality. Glassfibre-reinforced concrete (commonly known as GRC or GFRC) is a cement-based composite material with aggregates and reinforced with glassfibre.

With our solutions, you gain significant design freedom, as GRC as a material is incredibly versatile, with nearly unlimited possibilities. We help you design elements shaped in (almost) any geometry and with a surface tailored to your project.

GRC is a strong and unique material, with a significantly higher flexural and tensile strength compared to traditional concrete - and a durability of more than 100 years.

With the special properties of GRC and our production methods, it's possible to create very thin elements with high strength – thereby ensuring low CO2 emission for the finished product.

Our production takes place without toxic substances and with low energy consumption. This makes GRC an ideal choice of material if you want your construction to be environmentally certified, for example, with a LEED, BREEAM or DNGB certification – and our 2021 EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) makes it easy for you to calculate the environmental impact of our GRC elements. (See projects with environmental certifications here).

We use a special spraying technique to cast our GRC elements. This technique results in a low water/cement ratio, reduced thickness, and high strength. With its long durability, low weight, and great moldability, our GRC is an optimal choice for both new construction and renovation.

Here at BB Fiberbeton, we are specialists in GRC and one of the leading manufacturers.

We are verified as a "Full Member" of the international industry organization GRCA. Our "Full Member" status entails an annual external validation that we have sufficient resources in our factory, equipment, and workforce to design and produce high-quality GRC.

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BB fiberbeton has made it possible for us to work with lighting, shadows and textures in a modern expression with respect for the original qualities of the building

Jesper Ingemann Mogensen,
Partner / Architect MAA, DOMUS Architects

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Applications of GRC

A material full of potential

Glassfibre-reinforced concrete (also known as GRC) is a specialized form of concrete. It's a cement-based composite material with aggregates and reinforced with alkali-resistant glassfibre, used for constructing thin and lightweight façade claddings & architectural details.

GRC can advantageously be used for new construction projects where the moldability of GRC allows architects to design modern and innovative structures, while contractors ensure a durable cladding with low CO2 emissions. (See our EPD).

Furthermore, GRC is an ideal material for renovation and preservation projects, where the project involves either a complete restoration of a historic building or simply aims to ensure that the new design remains faithful to the original architecture. With the high moldability of GRC, you're able to replicate past designs and leave your own mark on the project. The material's low weight reduces the load on the building, and the durability of GRC ensures that your new design will last for many years.

The high strength, low weight, and malleable quality make GRC ideal for façade cladding and balconies, as well as cornices, parapets, and windowsills.

Is there a difference between GRC and GFRC?


You have probably come across both acronyms when researching glassfibre reinforced concrete and it can (quite understandably) be quite rather confusing as the two terms are used interchangeably.

Both terms reference the exact same material and the confusion is mainly due to the difference in spelling.

As such, the UK acronym "GRC" is on occasion referred to as glass reinforced concrete as it is devoid of the F that is prevalent in the US acronym, "GFRC". However, the difference is simply due to the spelling difference: UK spelling it “glassfibre” and the US spelling it “glass fiber”. 

It is important to note that the two terms reference the same material. Both GRC and GFRC are a cement alternative that combines cement, water, a polymer admixture, and glassfibre. 

As we have offices and production in both Denmark and the UK, we use the UK acronym "GRC" here at BB fiberbeton. 

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