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Glassfibre reinforced concrete

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Glassfibre reinforced concrete

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Glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC or GFRC) is an incredibly versatile cladding material that allows for great design freedom and a range of possibilities.

GRC cladding elements can be shaped in any geometry with a surface designed for the individual project. GRC is a lightweight material and our elements are typically only 12 mm in thickness, thus easing the load on the building. GRC is an ideal material for facade cladding with a durability of more than 100 years without the need for any technical maintenance. GRC elements do not dent, rot, corrode, nor burn (class A material).

GRC is made of white cement and fine aggregates and reinforced with glass fibres. Elements are manufactured using a special spray-technique that allows for low water/cement-ratio, low thickness, and high strength. With the long durability, low weight, and great formability, GRC is suitable for both new constructions and renovation projects.

BB fiberbeton are specialists in GRC and we are one of the leading manufactures of GRC. We are verified as a Full Member of the international trade association GRCA. Our status as a Full Member entails a third-party validation that we have sufficient resources in our plant, equipment, and labour to consistently design and manufacture high quality GRC.

Sustainability is of great importance for us, as evident in our environmentally friendly production and the sustainability of our material.

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