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The innovative BRiCK solution in pure GRC



The revolutionary alternative to traditional masonry


Combine the dream of the timeless and prestigious appearance of bricks with an uncompromising desire for the design freedom and low environmental impact that GRC can boast – and you get BRiCK-A-LIKE.

BRiCK-A-LIKE is our revolutionary alternative to traditional masonry and cladding solutions with embedded brick slips. BRiCK-A-LIKE is made of pure GRC (also known as glassfibre-reinforced concrete), a material we've been specialists in producing for nearly 40 years - with a special development in our form design that now enables a brick appearance.

All BRiCK-A-LIKE elements are prefabricated to your project's specifications, and you have an unprecedented design freedom to influence the brick aesthetics. Here, you are not limited by available bricks but can freely design with shape, colour, joint, and bond. Set aside conventional masonry methods and stacking principles and let our BRiCK-A-LIKE offer you new and exciting architectural design possibilities.

Our GRC is durable, lightweight, and formable, making it an ideal solution for those seeking a more environmentally conscious, maintenance-free, and long-lasting building material.



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Beautiful aesthetics. Less hassle.

Concealed and simple installation

BRiCK-A-LIKE doesn't just offer design freedom and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

They are also easy to handle and install.

BRiCK-A-LIKE can be installed on any conventional load-bearing structure, as GRC elements weigh significantly less than traditional brick-embedded elements.

All our installation principles make use of the possibilities for concealed installation – with no visible screws.

Easy installation is further supported by the fact that all your BRiCK-A-LIKE elements are prefabricated to your project's specific measurements. In addition to reducing waste material in production, it also means there is no need for on-site element adaptation, saving you time and other related planning conflicts.

The thin and lightweight BRiCK-A-LIKE elements are easy to handle and simple to install, with no need for special cranes or large equipment.

Compared to conventional masonry, you are not dependent on weather conditions during installation, and BRiCK-A-LIKE elements can be installed at any height – requiring no technical maintenance.


Your BRiCK-A-LIKE solution


Do you need more details about BRiCK-A-LIKE?

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Remember, you are always welcome to contact us if you have specific questions about BRiCK-A-LIKE, GRC in general, or related to your specific project.


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In doubt about what's right for your project?

BRiCK-A-LIKE is made of GRC (glassfibre-reinforced concrete) and provides you with the aesthetics of bricks without the need for brick inserts.

This solution is perfect for you if you prioritize the following benefits:

  • Low CO2 emissions (approximately 25 kg CO2 eq. / m2)
  • Low weight (down to about 35+ kg/m2)
  • Thin elements with a cross-section of about 18 mm
  • Design freedom in terms of shape, joint, colour, and bond.
  • Possibility for geometrically complex forms
  • Durability and easy maintenance
  • Brick aesthetics

We're happy to help you determine if BRiCK-A-LIKE is the right choice for you and your project.

Contact us today for a discussion about your project, the benefits of the solution, and how it can be tailored to your needs and visions.



Download our datasheet on the environmental impact of our BRiCK solutions here.

The datasheet includes data on both BRiCK CLASSIC and BRiCK-A-LIKE, and it is based on internal calculations using BB fiberbeton's third-party-verified EPD.

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