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About BB fiberbeton

Through design and manufacturing we help architects, entrepreneurs, and builders create unique, and durable facades with a low environmental impact. As a leading GRC cladding manufacturer we work with everybody from one-man entrepreneurs to the most recognized architects and builders. Our projects range from larger builds such as apartment complexes and high-rises to smaller assignments of balcony elements and sills.

We produce durable, lightweight, and formable GRC architectural cladding elements for both new constructions and renovation projects. All elements are custom-made and uniquely designed to fit your project. You have a large range of possibilities in terms of surface, pattern, colour, and finish.

The environment and sustainability is of great importance to us which is evident in both our products and production. We continuously work to lower the environmental impact of our production, ensuring a low consumption of energy and no toxic chemicals in production. GRC itself is durable material, made with natural resources such as cement and sand, with a high level of strength and a design life of more than 100 years.

The unique properties of GRC allows us to produce very thin elements - down to 12 mm - and thus, use fewer natural resources, while creating a strong building envelope capable of withstanding both extreme heat and cold.

In other words: Our GRC solutions are ideal if you are planning on having your project environmentally certified.

BB fiberbeton is verified as a Full Member of the international trade association GRCA. Our status as a Full Member means that we have sufficient resources in our plant, equipment, and labour to consistently design and manufacture high-quality GRC. We also have quality management systems and production controls in place to comply with the requirements of the GRCA Specification, Method of Testing and Practical Design Guide. This also entails a yearly external control of whether we are upholding the highest quality requirements for our production.

CEO Simon Hertzum has been part of GRCA since 2016 and is currently Chairman of Council. Read more about GRCA.

We always strive to be solution oriented, to act as a unity, and be decent and honest. The core of BB fiberbeton is quality and development. We are driven by continuous development

Nikolaj Brandt,
Director & co-owner of BB fiberbeton A/S

Three generations of concrete

The story of BB fiberbeton

Where it all started

Shortly after WWII in the late 1940's, Aage Brandt started trading Nexo sandstone from his home island of Bornholm in Denmark. Later, he began trading natural stones from Sweden, Portugal, and Norway as well. Eventually, the business grew into Brandt Beton A/S which produced concrete products for larger plants and gardens. Most notably, Brandt Beton created and produced the hexagonal Bellahøj-stone, and constructed the first semi-automated machine for producing pavement tiles.

The first GRC endeavor 

Brandt Beton A/S was taken over by Aage Brandt's son, Ole Brandt, and in the 1970’s Ole Brandt received samples of GRC – at the time, a brand new material. This sparked a great entrepreneurial spirit and Ole Brandt had a vision of building a sailboat out of GRC without steel reinforcement. The boat building began in 1976 and in 1984 the 38-feet Signe-38 sailboat - Signe after his firstborn - was finished.. The sailboat was named Elvira and sailed around Scandinavia for 25 years. Thus, Ole Brandt became the first in Denmark to use glassfibres as reinforcement in concrete on a larger scale and this experiment paved the way for GRC as a building material in Denmark.

“If he dares to sail a boat in that material, I can put it on my house...”

Experimenting with fibres

The first commercial projects were produced in 1979 and consisted of facade cladding and balcony parapets. In the beginning, experiments included a range of fibres including glass, polypropylene, carbon, and steel. After a few years, it was determined that glassfibres were the most promising. Working with GRC was still new and testing the boundaries by producing prototypes of ashtrays, dog kennels, rubbish containers, and garden figures was part of the process.

The establishment of BB fiberbeton A/S

In 1984, BB fiberbeton A/S was established in order to accommodate the rising demand for GRC. The BB derived from Brandt Beton, but otherwise clearly distinguished from the production of concrete products. Over the following years, Ole Brandt focused all his time and energy in BB fiberbeton and the GRC industry, and eventually sold off Brandt Beton A/S. Steen Eriksen joined BB fiberbeton as CEO, allowing Ole Brandt to focus on sales and development. Ole Brandt and Steen Eriksen ran the company together for 20 years.

The next generation takes over

In 2014, Nikolaj Brandt, son of Ole Brandt, and Simon Hertzum joined BB fiberbeton A/S and thus initiated another generational change. After a successful generational change, BB fiberbeton A/S embarked on a growth journey, expanding from 16 employees to now more than 100 employees. During the same period, the BBf Group emerges, including companies such as BBf BRiCK and BBf Ejendomme. BB fiberbeton A/S remains family-owned with the backing of the private equity company Jysk-Fynsk Kapital A/S. The company is co-owned and led by Nikolaj Brandt and Simon Hertzum.

BBf UK - Expansion ensures close project management:

In 2021, the BBf Group grew again. This time to England.
With a global portfolio, a growing number of projects in the UK, and a desire to consolidate its position as a leading producer of GRC in Europe, it made sense to start a UK division. A new office primarily focused on the UK, thus providing both the capacity and presence to closely monitor even the large and complex projects. BBf UK focuses on close project management and has its own sales and design office.

Winner of CSR People Prize 2019

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