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Our BBf BRiCK Solutions

The right solution for YOUR project

Choose between our two BRiCK solutions to get the perfect match for your vision:

An innovative solution and alternative to traditional brickwork, the BBf BRiCK-A-LIKE elements consist of 100% GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete) - with no inserted brick slips needed to achieve the aesthetic of brickwork. 

These elements typically have a cross section of about 18 mm and thus, they enable the lowest weight of panels at the minimum environmental impact, reaching a weight as low as 33+ kg/m2 with an environmental impact of around 20-22 kg CO2 eq/m2.

BBf BRiCK-A-LIKE elements are fully customizable in colour and texture - and need not adhere to the limitations of traditional brickwork. This means that any patterns you can imagine can be combined with the look of bricks.

Experience full design freedom with BBf BRiCK-A-LIKE. 



BBf BRiCK CLASSIC is a GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete) element with inserted brick slip facings.

These elements are the right choice if you wish to use actual brick slips (e.g. repurposed bricks), while still utilizing a sustainably aware solution. 

Our BBf BRiCK CLASSIC elements typically have a cross section of around 53 mm (depending on the choice of brick slips), and are thinner and weighs less pr m2 compared to other prefabricated concrete facades with embedded brick tiles - thus, using less CO2 than other more conventional solutions.

The brick slip facings are embedded directly in the GRC, which ensures that in case a brick slip cracks it will still remain intact in the GRC. 

The grouting can be customized with different aggregates and colours, to be paired with the chosen brick slips, giving your finished elements the desired aesthetic finish.



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