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Glassfibre reinforced concrete

Durable, lightweight, formable

Glassfibre reinforced concrete

Unique & sustainable cladding

With an immense architectural freedom, we help you design and create bespoke cladding elements for your project. You have a wide variety of shapes, surfaces, finishes, and colours. We spray the GRC into thin, lightweight elements that makes the mounting easy and simple.

GRC from BB fiberbeton is made of white cement and fine aggregates and reinforced with glassfibre.

GRC is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material that is durable for more than 100 years. The material can withstand extreme weather conditions and our elements require no technical maintenance after mounting.

The sustainability of GRC makes it ideal for environmental certifications, such as LEED, DGNB, and BREEAM.

Durable & unique facades

GRC facade cladding

Facade cladding from BB fiberbeton utilises the formability of GRC and help shape the idea of the building and architectural expression.

Facade cladding in GRC is used for both renovation and new construction. Our GRC facade elements do not compromise neither strength nor durability. With its resistance to all weather conditions – from extreme heat to freezing cold, it is an ideal material for ensuring a strong building envelope.


Lightweight & formable balcony elements

GRC balconies

Balconies from BB fiberbeton are manufactured to order in individual design. The formability of GRC allows the balcony to adapt to the architecture of the building and city surroundings.

The elements come with details such as edges, recesses, and cantilevers.


Decorative facade finishes

GRC cornices

Cornices from BB fiberbeton are made to order and appear as a finished solution. Cornices in GRC are often used together with other facade material and we adapt the mounting solution to suit the need of the project.


Individually designed parapet elements

GRC parapets

Parapet elements from BB fiberbeton are used for both renovations and new construction projects.

For a renovation project, the material’s versatility is ideal for restoring the original appearance and expression down to even the smallest detail. Thus, it is possible to stay true to the building’s original design.

With a new construction, an easy solution is achieved with all the advantages of other heavy solutions.


Coherent architectural impression

GRC sills

Sills from BB fiberbeton can give the building’s facade a coherent architectural impression with the transition between window and facade.

Our GRC sills are produced with many different cross-sections according to the project. Your choice of cross-section depends on the project, number of units, variants, and desired details.


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