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Glassfibre reinforced concrete

Durable, lightweight, formable

Glassfibre reinforced concrete

Let your project take shape

We assist you in designing and creating bespoke cladding elements for your project – with an emphasis on providing you with significant architectural design freedom.

Please do not hesitate!

Our fiber-reinforced concrete offers you a wide range of possibilities when it comes to shape and geometry, surface, finish, and color. Through our streamlined and quality-conscious production, we create thin, lightweight elements with high strength and durability for over 100 years.

Always custom-made – specifically for your project.


In addition to contributing to an easy and straightforward installation process, it also contributes to an overall low CO2 emission for our elements – and enables further CO2 savings for the entire building, the earlier our fiber-reinforced concrete solutions are integrated into a project.

This also makes our fiber-reinforced concrete ideal for projects aiming for environmental certifications (such as LEED, BREEAM, and DGNB certifications), whether it's renovation or new construction. (See our EPD here).

Our fiber-reinforced concrete is made from cement, aggregates, and reinforced with special glass fibers. The finished elements can withstand extreme weather conditions, have high fire resistance, and require no technical maintenance after installation.

Let your project take shape: Your vision – Our solutions.

Durable & unique facades

GRC facade cladding

Our solutions for façade cladding harness the malleability of our glassfibre reinforced concrete, helping to materialize your idea and vision for the architectural expression of the building.

GRC façade cladding is used for both new constructions and renovation projects.
With our façade cladding solutions, you don't have to compromise on strength, durability, CO2 footprint, or aesthetics.

And with the resilience of our GRC against all types of weather – from extreme heat to freezing cold – it's an ideal material for ensuring a solid climate shield for your building.


Traditional Aesthetics – Modern Benefits

BBf BRiCK Facades

For centuries, bricks have held a very special place and status in construction. However, with increasing focus on sustainability in construction, the CO2 footprint of building materials is becoming crucial in many projects.

At BB Fiberbeton, we offer a solution that allows you to achieve the traditional aesthetic of bricks – along with all the advantages of GRC, including thin lightweight elements, a low CO2 footprint, and the possibility of installation on timber structures.

With our BRiCK solutions, you have complete design freedom.

Our façade elements in the BRiCK series can be customized to match existing brickwork in renovation projects or used in new innovative ways in new constructions.

BRiCK Solutions

Lightweight & formable balcony elements

GRC balconies

Here at BB Fiberbeton, we exclusively create balconies on demand – tailor-made and customized for each project's individual designs.

The formability of GRC enables us to adapt the balconies to the architecture of the building and the surrounding urban environment.

These balconies are crafted as lightweight elements, offering extensive design freedom, including features like edges, recesses, and cantilevers.

Let us assist you in designing balconies for your project.


Decorative facade finishes

GRC cornices

Details matter!

Architectural details, such as cornices, can help support and unify the overall expression of a building.

Cornices from BB Fiberbeton are always custom-made and present themselves as a finished solution.

Our cornices, crafted from fiber-reinforced concrete, are often used in conjunction with other façade materials, and we can adapt the installation system to suit your requirements for a specific project.


Always tailored solutions

Parapet elements with great design freedom

Our parapet elements are used for both renovation and new construction projects – and are a suitable choice in both cases.

For a renovation project, the versatility of the material is ideal for recreating the building's original appearance and expression, down to the smallest detail.

In new construction, the ability to achieve a lightweight solution with high strength, low maintenance requirements, and significant design freedom is often of great importance.


Coherent architectural expression

GRC sills

Sills from BB fiberbeton provide your building's façade with a coherent architectural expression by creating a smooth transition between windows and the façade.

Our GRC sills are always custom-made and come in various cross-sections according to each individual project.

We are more than happy to guide you through the design process, where your choices of desired details for the sills will play a crucial role in the final expression of the elements.


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