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A GRC facade from BB fiberbeton



A rustic architectural GRC facade

A GRC facade with real brick tiles

BBf BRiCK CLASSIC is new and innovative GRC elements that afford you the traditional and rustic architectural expression of conventional brickwork with all the advantages of GRC.

BBf BRiCK CLASSIC is, with its thin cross-section of typically around 53 mm, thinner and weighs less pr m2 compared to any other prefabricated concrete facade with embedded brick tiles.

BBf BRiCK CLASSIC elements are, like any BB fiberbeton element, custom-designed for each individual project and you have ample design options that will ensure a bespoke architectural appearance. You have immense design freedom and we can customise the elements in terms of surface and geometry. We can work with any kind of brick tiles and the joining can be made in any colour and with different aggregates. The BBf BRiCK CLASSIC elements can differ in length and sizes, and even corner elements are possible.

Your BBf BRiCK CLASSIC facade is incredibly durable and weather resistant. The brick tiles are embedded in the GRC, which ensures that in case a brick tile cracks it will still remain intact in the GRC.

A custom-designed GRC facade

Shape & surface design

You have an exceptional design freedom in terms of surface and shape design. We can work with any kind of brick tile and the joining can be made in any colour and with different aggregates.

We can make the elements different length and sizes, and we can also manufacture corner elements, that will create harmony in the facade.

With our BBf BRiCK CLASSIC elements the joining lays further back than the brick tiles to create depth and dimension in the facade and as the elements are washed there is no left-over mortar on the finished look. This leaves you with a rustic and three-dimensional look that also has a clean look and execution.

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Less hassle & better scheduling

Hidden & simple mounting

BBf BRiCK CLASSIC can be mounted on any conventional load-bearing construction, since the GRC elements weigh considerably less than traditional concrete elements.

All our mounting principles utilises the options of a hidden installation without visible screws. The BBf BRiCK CLASSIC elements are easy to mount and does not require technical maintenance. All regular mounting principles from BB fiberbeton is applicable for a BBf BRiCK CLASSIC facade.

The BBf BRiCK CLASSIC elements are prefabricated to fit the exact measurements of your individual project, saving you both time and other related scheduling conflicts.

With prefabricated BBf BRiCK CLASSIC elements you are assured exact and controlled measurements and they do not require any additional adjustments on site. The low weight, thin-shell elements are easy to handle and simple to install, without requiring any special heavy machinery or equipment.

Compared to conventional brickwork you are not as dependent on weather conditions, and the BBf BRiCK CLASSIC elements can be mounted in any height.

mounting principles

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