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The best of both worlds



Combine the best of bricks and GRC


Our BRiCK CLASSIC solution is perfect for you if you want genuine bricks on your facade but also want to leverage the many benefits of GRC, such as moldability, thickness, weight, CO2, installation, etc.

This can be in connection with renovation, extension, or new construction.

Perhaps you want to reuse (upcycle) bricks from a previous building, have specific requirements for the chosen bricks to match existing construction, or simply desire the tactile and aesthetic characteristics that bricks uniquely possess?

Here, BRiCK CLASSIC is an ideal solution!

Your BRiCK CLASSIC solution is always custom-designed for your individual project - and therefore always made to measure and with an eye for the special design needs your project may contain.

With BRiCK CLASSIC, you have great design freedom, for example, in terms of the depth and colour of joints, choice of bond, etc., as well as the ability to design elements in different sizes and dimensions - and even work with corner elements.

With its thin cross-section, typically only 53mm (depending on the chosen brick slips), BRiCK CLASSIC is thinner and weighs less per m2 than other rainscreens with embedded brick slips. In addition, the solution is incredibly durable and resistant to all weather conditions, with minimal need for technical maintenance.



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Your vision. Our solution.

Form & surface design

BRiCK CLASSIC adapts to your design and vision.

The solution provides you with as much design freedom as possible.

BRiCK CLASSIC elements can be made in the desired size and length, with precisely the type of brick shells you desire. The final element will, therefore, take on characteristics from the chosen bricks and their texture.

The joints on BRiCK CLASSIC elements are initially recessed to create depth and dimension on the facade. Create the right aesthetics by customizing the colour of the joint and choosing whether you want them with or without aggregates, as well as the type of bond you want on the elements.

BRiCK CLASSIC elements can be combined with our various mounting solutions, all of which make use of concealed installation possibilities. And they are always washed to remove any excess mortar. This leaves a rustic and three-dimensional expression with a clean appearance and precise execution.


Your BRiCK CLASSIC solution


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We have compiled a range of our downloads here that will be relevant to you.


Remember, you are always welcome to contact us if you have specific questions about BRiCK CLASSIC, fibre-reinforced concrete in general, or in connection with your specific project.


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BRiCK CLASSIC is GRC elements with embedded brick slips. The brick slips are embedded directly into the GRC, ensuring a strong and durable bond.

This solution is perfect for you if you prioritize the following benefits:

  • Use of real bricks, e.g., recycled
  • Authentic brick aesthetics
  • Customized elements
  • Cross-section of approximately 53 mm (depending on the chosen bricks)
  • Option to customize the joint in terms of colour and aggregate
  • Lower weight and CO2 emissions than many alternative claddings

We're happy to help you determine if BRiCK CLASSIC is the right choice for you and your project.

Contact us today for a discussion about your project, the benefits of the solution, and how it can be tailored to your needs and visions.



Download our datasheet on the environmental impact of our BRiCK solutions here.

The datasheet includes data on both BRiCK CLASSIC and BRiCK-A-LIKE, and it is based on internal calculations using BB fiberbeton's third-party-verified EPD.

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