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Technical and material data

Learn about technical and material data, as well as delivery principles. 

Mounting principles

Our mounting solutions offer a hidden and easy installation that requires minimal technical maintenance. Here you will find a collection of guidance principles for our various installation options. Our elements are typically produced with one the following mounting systems or a combination:

  • Stud-frame (embedded steel frame)
  • Embedded steel brackets
  • FA1000®
  • Embedded inserts
  • Recessed holes with plugs

GRC Brochures

GRC Material - Environmentally friendly and easy to install

Learn about the key features of glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC), its primary benefits, and the material properties. 


GRC Facades - Reference project and installation principles

A collection of references for some of our facade projects with project information, including collaborators and mounting system.


Surface and Texture

Inspiration pictures of surface options, including different textures, colours, and finish.


Environmental Product Declaration - March 2021

The EPD is verified by a third party and calculated according to international standards. It documents an assessment of the consumption of energy and resources as well as the environmental impact during the product’s life cycle. In our EPD we declare not only our product, but also the transport and construction process, as well as the use of our product. 

Do you want to read more about the environmental impact of GRC?

Reference projects

Browse through some of our previous projects and find inspiration for your own project. Here you can see the many possibilities that come with working with GRC.

The reference projects include pictures, collaborators, and mounting system.


Danish reference projects

  • Mærsk Tower, Panum
  • Metropolis
  • Sorgenfrivang II
  • AARhus
  • KV Friheden

Swedish reference projects

  • Kviberg 
  • Uppsala Concert Hall
  • Kristallen
  • Jönsaplan - Hotel Öresund

Norwegian reference project

  • Mandal Hotel
  • Tingshuset

Czech Republic reference projects

  • AFI Vocovice

Articles written by BB fiberbeton

Formable facade cladding with GRC

"Glass-fibre-reinforced concrete (GRC) is an extremely formable and versatile cladding material suitable for both exterior and interior cladding projects. One such project is the concert hall in Amare, the new performing arts centre in The Hague, Netherlands."

Published January 2022 in Concrete Engineering International magazine.



GRC stud-frame construction – an overlooked opportunity

"Stud-frame construction is often overlooked when producing and installing glass-fibre-reinforced concrete (GRC), despite offering a superior solution. GRC with embedded stud-frame construction offers savings in both substructure costs and a heavily reduced mounting time."

Published June 2020 in Concrete magazine.



Developing a new generation of quality control of GRC

"Quality is of essence when talking about production of glass-fibre-reinforced concrete (GRC) elements for the building industry. Now a new breed of quality control for production of GRC is seeing the light of day; a quality control method that can potentially increase both precision and efficiency. A method based on 3D scanning."

Published January 2020 in Concrete Engineering International magazine.



Durable architectural facades with GRC

"Glass-fibre-reinforced concrete (GRC) is a very versatile cladding material for both new buildings and renovations, which provides unique design options for both architects and builders. Its list of benefits is long and includes fire resistance, the ability to create complex shapes, low weight, durability and a positive environmental impact."

Published March 2019 in Concrete magazine.



Endless surface options with GRC

"GRC has long been known as a go-to material for architects when there is a need for complex geometry, light weight and high durability. The most recent development with GRC now also provides architects with endless options when choosing a surface for their project."

Published March 2018 in Concrete magazine.

GRCA Full Member certificate

BB fiberbeton is verified as a Full Member of the international trade association GRCA.

Our status as a Full Member means that vi have sufficient resources in our plant, equipment, and labour to consistently design and manufacture high quality GRC.

We also have quality management systems and production controls in place to comply with the requirements of the GRCA Specification, Method of Testing and Practical Design Guide. This also entails a yearly external control of whether we are upholding the highest quality requirements for our production.


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