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Highly Professional Testing

Professional Laboratory for GRC testing

At BB fiberbeton, we have invested heavily in our glassfibre reinforced concrete testing capabilities, providing a truly industry-leading service.

Why is this important to us – and for you?

Quality control and material documentation is a highly prioritized part of the GRC production and product development in all parts of the BBf Group.

A key factor in all that we do. As well as your guarantee for high-quality results and elements.


Nothing short of a professional laboratory for GRC testing can therefore be accepted.

In practice, this means that all testing is performed in professional laboratory facilities by experienced technicians, according to international standards like EN 1170 part 1 to 8 and the GRCA Methods of Testing.

BB fiberbeton also performs tests according to our own Laboratory Developed Methods (LDM) and modified versions of the international standards, to insure optimized test performance for GRC materials.

GRCA Membership

BB fiberbeton is a Full Member of the UK-based International Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Association (GRCA).

In addition, BBf UK Ltd. are Members of GRCA, undergoing yearly audits in terms of quality control.

The purpose of the GRCA is, to bring together all those with an interest in GRC to exchange knowledge and experience concerning GRC, promote the use of GRC in all its valid applications, as well as participate in establishing Codes of Practice and National Standards covering manufacture and performance

Several of the BBf Group employees act on both the GRCA Council and Board of Directors.


Flexural bending tests

Flexural bending tests of GRC are used to identify the stress and deformation performance of a GRC composition subjected to bending.

The test method is used to determine the flexural properties of GRC material, by determining the limit of proportionality (LOP) and the modulus of rupture (MOR) of GRC material. For testing, several coupons are cut from GRC elements or from a test board manufactured, demoulded, and cured in the same manner as the GRC elements it represents.


Which flexural bending tests do we perform at BB fiberbeton:

  • BS EN 1170 – 5: Measuring bending strength, "Complete bending test" method
  • GRCA MOT – 3: Determination of flexural properties of glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC) material
Download technical specifications

Density, Water Absorption & Porosity tests

These tests are used to determine the dry and wet bulk density, water absorption and porosity of a given GRC composition.


Which Density, water absorption & porosity tests do we perform at BB fiberbeton:

  • BS EN 1170 – 6: Determination of the absorption of water by immersion and determination of the dry density
  • GRCA MOT – 2: Determination of the dry and wet bulk density, water absorption and apparent porosity of glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC) material
Download technical specifications

Pull-out tests

BB fiberbeton provide two tests (LDM 1201 and 1202) that are each used to determine the ability of a fixing insert to withstand either tensile or shear applied loads when embedded in GRC material.

Additionally, part of our Pull-out test capacity is the DIHM LDM 1204 test, which is used to determine the ability of an anchor bonding pad to withstand typical in-service loads (combination of axial and tensile) when formed homogenously with spray process GRC material.

This test can be used to determine the bond strength of such pads when used either to attach a separate stud frame or provide fixing points for embedded anchors.


Which Pull-out tests do we perform at BB fiberbeton:

  • LDM (Laboratory Developed Method) 1201 – Testing of embedded anchors in glassfibre reinforced concrete tensile load
  • LDM (Laboratory Developed Method) 1202 – Testing of embedded anchors in glassfibre reinforced concrete shear load
  • DIHM LDM (Laboratory Developed Method) 1204 - Testing of anchor bonding pads in spray process glassfibre reinforced concrete.
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Moisture & Weathering tests

Moisture tests are used to identify the maximum dimensional variations of a GRC composition attributable to variations in the water content to which products exposed to the elements may be subjected.

Weathering tests identify, for a given GRC composition, the effect of environmental factors as water and temperature on the change of mechanical properties.

The third test determines the effect of a cycle of freezing and thawing on GRC to determine loss of flexural bending strength at both the elastic/yield (LOP) and ultimate (MOR) levels.


Which Moisture & weathering tests do we perform at BB fiberbeton:

  • DIHM SOP12 - based on BS EN 1170-7: Dimensional variation of glassfibre reinforced concrete due to moisture content
  • DIHM SOP13 - based on BS EN 1170-8: Cycle weathering test for glassfibre reinforced concrete
  • DIHM SOP33 - based on BS EN 12467 + A2: Climatic performance - freeze - thaw
Download technical specifications


Group Technical Publications

Technical specifications and procedures.

External Technical Publications

Insight from the wider GRC industry.

BB fiberbeton

Quality Policy Statement

The company is committed to operating a comprehensive quality management system which involves all staff and employees.

The quality management system will be regularly reviewed by both the management and supervisory staff to ensure both its effectiveness and continued development.


The strategic objectives of the company and to which all management are committed are:

  • Quality in all we do, measured through documented customer feedback and analysis of recorded complaints and non-conformities
  • To ensure that all orders are fulfilled in accordance with customer requirements measured through a documented record system.
  • To ensure we meet customer, legal, statutory and any other relevant requirements.
  • To ensure complete impartiality in all group activities
  • Continued development of the BB fiberbeton business through structured objectives to ensure up-to-date testing capabilities.

To discuss our testing services further, or to begin working with BB fiberbeton, simply get in touch. We’re here to help.

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