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Industrial facade in Norway

Mandal Hotel


2018 - 2019




Kruse Smith Entreprenør A/S


Mandal Hotel AS

Mandal Hotel

Hotel in beautiful surroundings

Mandal Hotel is a 4-star hotel of 4.500 square meters and opened its doors in 2019 as southernmost hotel in Norway. The design of the hotel reflects the industrial and maritime culture that can be found in the town. The hotel is in a beautiful location and the wish was for the appearance of the hotel to complement the natural surroundings.

Industrial facade cladding

GRC was chosen for this project because the material lends itself to a facade cladding that appears robust and complete, whilst allowing for an industrial and quick installation. BB fiberbeton manufactured 12 mm thin cladding elements for both the interior and exterior cladding, corresponding to a total of 1.650 m2 GRC. The elements are mounted with embedded steel brackets, embedded stud frames, and embedded inserts with plugs. This allows for a hidden installation which gives the final result a clean and solid expression.

BB fiberbeton made it possible to create a precise concrete facade that could give us the same expression both outside and inside in the atrium

Grethe Løland,
Architect MNAL, Arkitektværelset

Durable, lightweight, formable

GRC cladding

Through design and manufacturing we help architects, entrepreneurs, and builders create unique, durable, and sustainable facades. Whether you are starting construction on a new build or embarking on a renovation project, GRC is suitable for both.

Glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC or GFRC) is incredibly versatile and grants you an architectural design freedom with almost endless possibilities. With the formability of GRC you can achieve any geometry and with a surface designed for your specific project. GRC is a lightweight material and our cladding elements are typically only 12 mm. Thus, making it easier to work with and transport whilst also easing the load on buildings.

GRC is an excellent facade material if durability and sustainability is of great concern and importance. GRC is durable for more than 100 years without any technical maintenance and it does not dent, rot, corrode, nor burn (class A material). With a sustainable material and an environmentally friendly production without toxic materials, GRC elements from BB fiberbeton are ideal for environmental certifications, such as LEED, DGNB, and BREEAM.

GRC is made of white cement and fine aggregates and reinforced with glassfibre. Elements are produced using a special spray-technique that allows for a low water/cement-ratio, a low thickness, and a high strength.

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