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The Innovative GRC Brickwork Solution



The Revolutionary Alternative to Traditional Brickwork:


Introducing BBf GRC-BRiCK™ - the revolutionary alternative to traditional brickwork that combines the timeless and estately look of bricks with the many benefits of GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete).

BBf GRC-BRiCK™ elements are 100% GRC elements, prefabricated to spec, that offers architects and builders the freedom to design unique appearances for their projects without sacrificing the traditional look of brickwork. 

With BBf GRC-BRiCK™ you don't need to adhere to conventional brickwork methods, stacking principles or the limiting dimensions of available brick slips. Any creative patterns one can think of can be manufactured. This opens up the possibility for new and exciting architectural design options, that were previously unimaginable and simply impossible with traditional brickwork.

This innovative building material is durable, lightweight, and customizable, making it an ideal solution for those seeking a more sustainable, low-maintenance, and lasting building material.

With BBf GRC-BRiCK™, the possibilities are endless.

We are proud to offer a revolutionary solution for the sustainably aware building design.

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Less hassle & beautiful aesthetics

Hidden & simple mounting

BBf GRC-BRiCK™ can be mounted on any conventional load-bearing construction, since the GRC elements weigh considerably less than traditional elements using brick slip facings.

All our mounting principles utilises the options of a hidden installation without visible screws.

The BBf GRC-BRiCK™ elements are easy to mount and does not require technical maintenance.
All regular mounting principles from BB fiberbeton are applicable for a BBf GRC-BRiCK™ facade.

The BBf GRC-BRiCK™ elements are prefabricated to fit the exact measurements of your individual project, saving you both time and other related scheduling conflicts.

With prefabricated BBf GRC-BRiCK™ elements you are assured exact and controlled measurements and they do not require any additional adjustments on site. The low weight, thin-shell elements are easy to handle and simple to install, without requiring any special heavy machinery or equipment.

Compared to conventional brickwork you are not dependent on weather conditions, and the BBf GRC-BRiCK™ elements can be mounted in any height.

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Experience the freedom of design with BBf GRC-BRiCK™

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