GRC sills help give the façade a coherent impression and the transition between window and facade can work architecturally. With decorative elements in connection with the sills, windows can be highlighted. The depth, geometry etc can be varied as desired. In a façade the sills help to emphasize the craftsmanship in the masonry and in other facades it is a good transition between the window and the facade.

GRC sills are a good solution both technically and economically with almost infinite durability. GRC sills does not rot, does not break, does not burn and requires no technical maintenance. BB fiberbeton has no standard solutions, – all projects are solved individually.

Sills with more decorative design can be executed according to the project, where all measures are in play: height, widths, depths and angle. It is possible to give the
building its own expression.

If you have questions about a construction, please contact us, we have 25 years of experience with the production of sills.

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