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A new venture for Syntec GRC, Synergies Moulds, & BB fiberbeton

We have joined forces

Syntec GRC & Synergies Moulds
join forces with BB fiberbeton

BB fiberbeton have joined forces with Syntec GRC and Synergies Moulds on a new and exciting journey. The two companies will henceforth operate under the BB fiberbeton umbrella from September 2021.  

The founder, Bob Faulding, will continue as director focusing on pre-contract technical support to architects, main contactors, and facade specialists. 

The merger consolidates the position of BB fiberbeton as the leading GRC manufacturer in Europe. 

BB fiberbeton produced its first GRC in 1978, and after continuous growth and development, especially the last decade, this merger is a milestone that opens up opportunities, boosts development, and strengthens the position of BB fiberbeton in the GRC market.

Simon, Nikolaj, & Bob

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Syntec GRC and Synergies Moulds are two of the operating companies in the PBS Synergies Group. PBS Synergies was founded in 1988 by Bob Faulding and is a group dedicated to maintaining and expanding best practice in all areas of the GRC industry.

Syntec GRC is a specialised GRC manufacturer, operating across the entirety of the UK. The team have over 25 years of experience working with architects, main contractors, and institutional bodies on major construction and renovation projects. Additionally, Syntec GRC manufactures and provides UHPGRC, a unique material that offers a significantly higher flexural strength than traditional GRC.

Synergies Moulds is a specialist supplier of patterns and moulds for the construction industry, founded in 2018. As part of an industry-leading group of GRC specialists, Synergies Moulds is able to offer unrivalled levels of service in providing moulds for GRC production.


BB fiberbeton is a Danish GRC manufacturer and has produced GRC elements for projects world-wide for almost 40 years. We are a family-owned business and the BB is derived from the family name Brandt and the Danish word for concrete, beton. The fiberbeton in our name is the Danish term for glassfibre reinforced concrete and directly translates to fibre concrete.

We help architects, entrepreneurs, and builders create unique, durable, and sustainable GRC elements. We manufacture custom-made and bespoke elements, that can be detailed in terms of surface, pattern, colour, finish, and geometry. We work on both new constructions and renovation projects. Projects range from larger builds such as apartment complexes and high-rises to smaller assignments of balcony elements and sills.

We are verified as a Full Member of the international trade association GRCA. Our status as a Full Member means that we have sufficient resources in our plant, equipment, and labour to consistently design and manufacture high quality GRC.

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What will the future bring?

Going forward the two companies, Syntec GRC and Synergies Moulds, will operate under the name BB fiberbeton UK and the production will continue in the UK.

This merger is the start of a collaboration that will undoubtedly yield more knowledge and expertise to all. All three companies are well-versed in the GRC industry and bring a wealth of competence and innovation to the table. 

We are excited to see where this will take us!

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